Healthy Greek Salad

This Greek salad is a real cinch recipe; just combine a few veggies in a bowl and season it with red wine vinegar. The citrus and organic veggies taste so much better and are appetizing on the tongue.

greek salad

I’m a health-conscious lady, always looking for healthier and easier-to-prepare options. Last week, I came across this healthy Greek Salad, a breeze recipe you can craft in just 10 minutes. 

Greek Salad is more like a Classical Pasta salad with the same red wine vinaigrette dressing, but in Greek salad, you don’t need to add pasta, saving you a lot of time.

I often go for this recipe when guests suddenly pop in. At these moments, you don’t have enough time to think and prepare stuff for the recipes, so this Greek salad is a lifesaver.

Plus, this salad is the best picnic companion for hot summer days. If you’re in your RV on beautiful scenic destinations with fewer ingredients, just whip up this salad and enjoy. 

More About Healthy Greek Salad

  • If you’re looking for an affordable yet healthy salad to serve in front of honorable guests, the Greek Salad is the life-saving option. 
  • The umami, spicy, salty, tangy, and sweet… there are blasts of flavors, making it a nuanced salad. 
  • Undoubtedly, the ingredients used in Greek salad make it one of the healthiest salads. The fresh olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, and cheese, all these organic items feel appetizing on the stomach. 
  • Greek Salad is versatile; you can alter the dressing. Instead of red wine vinaigrette dressing, you can use Dijon mustard, olive oil honey, etc. You can also swap the salad ingredients to make it more healthier.


greek salad ingredients

Here are the six easy-to-find ingredients that are gonna be used in this salad. 

  • Cucumber: This refreshing ingredient makes the salad best for summer days. Cucumber is a prime item that you can’t ignore. I’ve also crafted creamy and Asian cucumber salad that perfectly matches your overpowering courses. 
  • Tomatoes: You can opt for Roma or Cherry tomatoes based on your preferences. For this recipe, I’m using Roma tomatoes. 
  • Ball Pepper: A capsicum or bell pepper adds a mild flavor to Greek salad and elevates the texture. Generally, we use green bell pepper in Greek salad, but based on your preference, you can also opt for red or yellow. 
  • Onion: Typically, red onion is used in this salad. But you can also use the white onion if the red onion is unavailable to you. 
  • Olives: I love the mild taste of green olives. But the black and Kalamata olives are also the best substitutes. 
  • Cheese: Feta cheese is preferable for Greek salad. 
  • Dressing: For dressing, I use white vinegar, olive oil, black pepper, red chili flakes, and salt. You can also use the simple red wine vinegar for a tangy and subtle taste.

How To Slice Vegetables For Greek Salad 

Slice Vegetables For Greek Salad 

One small thing that can alter the texture and appeal of Greek salad is the veggie slices’ size. 

I prefer to use small wedges of every vegetable in the salad. Bell peppers look more appealing in squarish shape. 

You can cut red onions into thin slices. If you’re using cherry tomatoes, dice them into half; for Roma tomatoes, dice them into wedges. 

How To Make Greek Salad 

  1. Dice All The Vegetables: First, grab a knife, chop all the vegetables, and throw them in a mixing bowl.  
  1. Make A Dressing: Add vinegar, olive oil, black pepper, a pinch of salt, and red chili flakes in another bowl, and whisk all the ingredients together. I’m also squeezing two lemons for a more citrus taste. 
greek salad dressing
  1. Now sprinkle the cheese over the salad, then drizzle the seasoning. Mix the salad well, and it’s now ready to serve.
greek salad bowl


Yes, you’re free to swap and add ingredients in Greek Salad. However, we don’t add lettuce to most of our Mediterranean salads, but if you’re free, add fresh lettuce to elevate the texture.  

You don’t need to worry if you don’t have feta cheese in your refrigerator. Simply use goat cheese, halloumi cheese, or even the most common mozzarella cheese, which is suitable for this salad. 

If you’re health-conscious and want to make your salad bowl healthier, add boiled chickpeas or red beans. You can also add juicy chicken pieces for a healthier and meaty flavor. 

If you’re just like me, who wants spicy nodes on every bowl, sprinkle extra black pepper after drizzling the dressing. Similarly, amp up the red chili flakes in the dressing to give it a fiery touch. 

greek salad

Greek Salad

This Greek salad is a real cinch recipe; just combine a few veggies in a bowl and season it with red wine vinegar. The citrus and organic veggies taste so much better and are appetizing on the tongue.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Course Appetizer, Salad
Cuisine asian, greek, Mediterranean
Servings 3


  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 tomato (Roma)
  • 1 ball pepper
  • 1 red onion
  • 4 ounces feta cheese
  • Pinch of salt and black pepper
  • 4 ounces olives


  • 3 tbsp white vinegar or red wine vinegar
  • 2 lemon juice
  • tbsp black pepper 
  • ¼ tbsp salt 
  • ¼ red chili flakes 


  • Slice all the ingredients and transfer them to a mixing bowl. 
  • Prepare the dressing in another bowl and mix all ingredients. 
  • Add the cheese over the salad, drizzle the dressing, and blend everything. Now, serve this Greek salad with any of your main courses. 



Notes 1: You can also use lettuce, carrots, and green onions to make your salad bowl healthier and more appealing. 
Note 2: The mustard olive is the best way to add a spicy and sharp taste to a Greek salad
Note 3: If you want a protein-rich Greek salad, add the chicken and chickpeas. 
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