About Me

I’m Nabeela! a mother of three. With over 33 years of experience in the cooking field, I have aimed to share the unique Asian cuisine with the world. Cooking is my foremost hobby, and via nabeelafoodhub.com, I want to turn the hobby into my passion.

I was raised in KPK, Pakistan, and we people are die heart fan of traditional Asian recipes. I have cooked uncountable curries in my cooking career, and now I plan to share my cooking journey with the world.

I aim to help foreigners, students, novice cooks, and other expatriates to prepare delightful curries.

I and my firstborn son– Saad, both work together to bring amazing recipes on the internet. However, I don’t have too much idea about blogging, but my son is an expert writer and photographer and is my right hand in this mission. Join us on this flavorful adventure!

keema matar recipe
chicken nihari

What You Will Find On NabeelaFoodHub?

This nabeelafoodhub is a go-to resource for all Pakistani and Indian food. As I mentioned earlier, I was raised in KPK, and we are real carnivores. You will find many beef recipes and some chicken food on this blog.

Besides this, I’m a big fan of Punjabi foods, and you will also encounter dozens of easy-to-follow Punjabi and Indian recipes. And who forgot the exclusive Pakistani desserts and chai? I have covered all the sweet stuff on this blog. Me and my son are continually working on bringing the latest Pakistani cuisine to you.

We aim to share quick, simple, and straightforward recipes with our readers. I know step-by-step images are a great way to help newbies, so my son primarily focuses on taking high-quality images to help you guys.

About Me

  • I’m a mother of three kids. You know a housewife always remains busy with the home’s chores. But making food content is now my first and foremost priority.
  •  I also have 15 years of experience in the teaching field. As a ‘History’ teacher, I have a plethora of knowledge about traditional dishes from the Mughals.
  •  I was born in KPK, Pakistan. We’re not Pashtuns, but I’m intensely aware of their food culture.

About Saad

  • Saad is a Software Engineer but a hardcore fan of SEO, photography, and content writing.
  • Saad is a senior team manager at NabeelaFoodHub, and he helps his mother to share and bring fabulous recipes on this blog.
  • Being an SEO expert and digital marketer, Saad is also working on many other web projects.