15 Best Summer Cookies

When it comes to desserts, cookies are always my favorite! I never hesitate to eat all the chewy, soft, chocolatey, fruity, or whatever type of cookies are available. 

I even think it’s almost impossible to meet someone who doesn’t enjoy cookies. These treats always bring a smile to the face and a happy feeling to every heart. 

The good thing is that you can easily make cookies in a large batch to serve the crowds. Cookies become the perfect treat, especially during the summer, when everyone likes to go out for picnics, host backyard parties, or gather for family reunions.

Today, I will share my 15 favorite chewy, incredibly delicious, easy-to-make, and kid-friendly cookies. From fruity and chocolate cookies to lemon and cheesecake cookies, this guide has covered a lot of options for you. 

1- Lemon Curd Thumbprint Cookies

Lemon is one of the refreshing items during the summer, and these Lemon curd thumbprint cookies are the best bet for summer parties. Every bite of these cookies is filled with sweet and tart flavors that please the taste buds. 

You need minimal effort and ingredients to whip up these cookies; they are better than your bakery cookies. 

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2- Strawberry Lemon Cake Mix Cookies

If you’re a strawberry flavor fan, try Strawberry lemon cake mix cookies, and you will thank me later. Strawberry and lemon give a heavenly, delicious taste, and you will feel real pleasure in every bite. 

These cookies are ideal for kids, and they enjoy every bite with gleeful smiles and sticky fingers. If you’re hosting a BBQ party, don’t forget to serve these Strawberry lemon cookies as accompaniments. 

3- Soft Blueberry Cookies Recipe

These blueberry cookies are not only visually appealing but also taste incredibly delicious. Softer from the inside, and the crisp texture will surely make you a fan.

Even the thing that makes these cookies even better is the white chocolate. The blueberry flavor makes a perfect combo with white chocolate, making these cookies stand out from ordinary blueberry cookies.

4- Cake Mix Cookies With Sprinkles

These Cake mix cookies with sprinkles are my favorite; every bite of these cookies feels filling and satisfying. Best option to serve with evening tea parties, birthday parties, or any other occasion. 

Because of the vanilla and white chocolate flavors, the kids also love these cookies. 

5- Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookie Bars

The last time I tried these Chocolate chip Marshmallow cookie bars at my kid’s birthday party, I earned a lot of compliments from my friends. The toasted marshmallows with graham cracker cookie bar and chocolate chip offer the ultimate sweetness to the tongue. 

6- Rainbow Sugar Cookies

Rainbow sugar cookies are perfect treats for kids that will bring joy to their eyes. You can make these cute cookies with just a handful of ingredients and colors. Also, you can make these cookies for your kids’ lunch box to brighten their day with colorful bites. 


These frosted sugar cookie bars add some classical sweet flavor to your summer picnic table. You don’t need hours to craft these cookie bars; they just come out under 30 minutes. 

Their fluffy, moist, and appealing texture will always make guests happy. The sprinkle topping even elevates the look of these cookie bars. 


With the first bite of these Copycat Pina Colada cookies, you’ll feel like you’re sipping a refreshing summer drink. These cookies feature pineapple juice and rum extract and use cheery topping. 

The buttercream frosting and toasted coconut make these cookies even more delicious and flavorful. They are non-alcoholic, making them perfect for kids as well.

9- Strawberry shortbread cookies

These Strawberry shortbread cookies featured freeze-dried strawberries that offer a real fruity taste. Instead of strawberries, you can also go for freeze-dried mangoes, raspberries, or blueberries. 

These bright and butter cookies are perfect to serve with zesty barbecue dishes or any other smoky grilled meat. 

10- lemon sugar cookies

No need to go to the store to buy lemon cookies; these lemon sugar cookies are better than your store-bought cookies. The lemon flavor with buttery goodness offers an ultimate satisfying taste. 

If you want a more zesty and refreshing flavor in the cookies, just amp up the lion zest in the recipe. You can also top the cookies with white chocolate chip cookies for an extra sweet taste. 

11- 4th of July Cookies

Looking for cute 4th of July cookies for patriotic moments? Try these Fireworks cookies, which are perfect for both kids and adults. These cookies are decorated with yummy red, white, and blue sprinkles and candies. 

The colorful coating looks appealing and very delicious and crunchy, making them an ideal treat to serve on potluck, patriotic parties, and other such occasions. 

12- Air Fryer Sugar Cookies 

It’s time to use the air fryer to make cookies. It might sound funny, but it works! These air fryer cookies are basic, need fewer ingredients, and come out quickly. 

If you need something more portable to bring on picnics or hiking to curb hunger, the air fryer sugar cookies are the best option. 

13- Lemony Butter Spritz Cookies

These lemony, buttery cookies are so soft and melt-in-your-mouth. It is so easy to make in a large batch for future use. Increase the lemon extract if you want a more zesty and citrus flavor. You can use any type of topping or sprinkles for these cookies. 

14- Grapefruit Sugar Cookies Recipe

I’ve crafted these Grapefruit Sugar cookies several times, and every time, they bring a burst of citrusy freshness that never fails to lift my spirits.

What makes these cookies special is the exhilarating aroma of fresh grapefruit zest mixed into the dough, transforming a simple sugar cookie into something extraordinary.

15- White Chocolate Chip and Raspberry Cookies

The White Chocolate chip and Raspberry make a perfect match! These delightful treats never fail to impress your guests; if you want to earn compliments, try the cookies. 

The refreshing tartness of raspberries with the sweetness of white chocolate chips offers a satisfying experience that your guests will ask for more.

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