Under 20 Minutes Summer Air Fryer Recipes

The air fryer in my kitchen is the only appliance I love the most. Whenever you’re planning to make quick, healthy and delicious recipes, the air fryer is the buddy that prepares such meals. 

So whether you’re new to air fryers or looking for some pro air fryer recipes, this guide has covered everything. From crispy chicken bites and salmon bites to vegetables and corn recipes, I’ve shared many unique and amazing air fryer recipes. 

Especially during the summer season, I use my air fryer a lot to prepare some sizzling goodness. And for those planning to make air fryer finger foods for picnics, I’ve also mentioned some delicious treats for you. 

So, for now, say no to deep frying, and you don’t need to 

20- Zucchini Fries 

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly, easy, time saver, and budget-friendly air fryer recipe, look no further than these Zucchini fries. Crispy from the outside and juicy from the inside, these fries are super fun, and you can serve them with tomato ketchup, garlic sauce, or any other dip. 

Also a perfect finger food for picnics, kids’ lunch boxes, family gatherings, or compliments with any main course meal. 

19- Crispy Air Fryer Chicken Bites

This gluten-free chicken bite is a staple recipe for me during busy summer days. It’s made with boneless chicken breast and is super tender from the inside. 

These chicken bites are perfect for those who want a high-protein snack for their lunch. Thankfully, these are freezer-friendly, and you can reheat them in the air fryer. 


These crispy salmon bites come under 12 minutes and are super quick and easy treat for lunch or evening snacks. And this recipe also includes a homemade bang bang sauce as a dip for these salmon bites. Thankfully, you don’t need any fancy ingredients to make this recipe; all the staple ingredients are available in every pantry. 

17- Blistered Air Fryer Shishito Pepper

Last week, I found this tangy side that you can whip up in a few minutes. These Shishito peppers have an incredible taste; you can serve them with any dip or sauce. 

Perfect treat for those who are looking for a time-saver air frying recipe. You have to dip shishito peppers in olive oil and then place them in an air fryer at 400F for 10 minutes, and you’re done!



Replace your afternoon or evening snacks with this air fryer corn on the cob, made with four ingredients (salt, black pepper, sweet corn, and olive oil). It’s a versatile recipe, you add spices for additional flavors or just squeeze the lemon over it to make them tart. 

15- Paneer Tikka Recipe 

Paneer Tikka Recipe 

This Paneer Tikka recipe is a famous Indian cuisine made with no-melt cheese cubes (paneer) and some ground spices to build the flavors. The best source of protein and some healthy nutrients. Also, the smokey taste feels filling, hearty and savory. 

14- Air Fryer Salmon Bites

To unlock your air fryer’s full capabilities, try these salmon bites that come out in just 10 minutes. First, breaded with seasoned panko bread crumb mixture that ensures a crispy outer and juicy center to make your guest wow. 

These healthy salmon bites are also perfect for kids, picnics, or garroting. Also, it’s a great source of protein, perfect for folks looking for high-protein meals. 

13- Air Fryer Broccoli Recipe

If you’re a vegetarian and looking for an easy and delicious air fryer recipe, this Broccoli recipe is your thing. It tastes like your classic roasted broccoli but has less grease texture. Air fryer broccoli just needs 6 minutes to cook, and it’s super light, perfect for your whole family. 

12- Avocado Fries

Avocado Fries

Say hello to these gluten-free Avocado fries. I’m sure you might have tried many avocado recipes, but these avocado fries are unique, budget-friendly, time-saver and easy to make. 

The savory goodness of almond milk with pepper and salt adds depth to these delectable Avocado fries. These are perfect for folks who want easy-to-make keto + gluten-free snacks. 

11- Air Fryer Chicken Fajitas

Nothing is better than the first bite of this chicken fajita, made with chicken breast, onion, bell peppers, and seasoning. You can also make homemade fajita seasoning using basic spices. Feel free to use this chicken fajita bites in wraps, rolls or sandwiches. 

10- Air Fryer Turkey Burgers

I’m a huge fan of burgers, especially when cooked in the air fryer. Whipping up this turkey burger takes 10 minutes of prep and 17 minutes of cooking time.

This turkey burger is a hearty meal, perfect for a summer lunch or satisfying your burger cravings. You can enhance the flavors by adding spicy sauces to give it a zesty kick.


Another best vegetarian option you can make in your air fryer is this delicious green bean recipe. The citrus lemon adds a tart and a zesty layer, making this recipe more refreshing. Plus, this is a quick 10-minute recipe; you can also make it for picnics or parties ahead of time. 

8- Air Fryer Asparagus

The air-fried version of asparagus is better than any other asparagus recipe. It is similar to the oven-roasted version but has less oil, is healthier, has low carbs and low calories, and is a perfect appetizer for summer afternoons. 

7-  Air Fryer Salmon

If you’re ignoring frying recipes but still craving salmon, try this healthy and oil-free salmon recipe. In just 20 minutes, you can make this succulent salmon and make your family happy. This recipe uses a blend of flavorful spices that makes the recipe more savory. You can serve it with refreshing salads or pasta. 

6- Air Fryer Tortilla Pizza

When making pizza, the first thing that comes to mind is the oven. Thankfully, this Tortilla pizza recipe is oven-free, and you can make it in an air fryer in just 10 minutes. 

This pizza is made with tomatoes, pepperoni, chicken, peppers, mushrooms etc. You are free to make various additions, such as ballpees or olives. The two secret ingredients are the Italian seasoning and mozzarella cheese, making this pizza more cheese and mouthwatering. 


This Jacket potato is simple and delicious and is an excellent side dish for your favorite BBQ or filling dish. Additionally, you can use it as an appetizer and serve it with any sauce or dip. It’s also a versatile recipe; you can add various spices to elevate the zesty flavor profile. 

Your kids will love this recipe! Keep it simple with cheese and butter. When it comes to dressing, the sky’s the limit—you can get fancy to please your little ones.

4- Honey Garlic Chicken Wings

You have tried many chicken wings drenched in spicy sauces, but these Garlic chicken wings come with a sweet honey glaze, making them more flavorful and unique.

These chicken wings are crispy and better than the restaurant’s takeout, so if you want to save your budget or make an appetizer for your guest, these honey garlic chicken wings are the best bet.  

3- Air Fryer Brussel Sprouts

Only the pure vegetarian can feel the natural flavor of these Brussels sprouts. This simple recipe with pepper, honey, salt, and balsamic vinegar offers a flavorful and savory taste. You can also use apple cider vinegar to make them tart and extra savory. This healthy veggies recipe is the best option for dieters. 

2- Air Fryer Fish Tacos

Searching for the best picnic food or a kid-friendly air fryer recipe? Look no further than this fish taco, filled with crispy white fish, refreshing cilantro, and lime slow. 

The hint of paprika, mayonnaise, and white sugar in parallel provides a heavenly, delicious taste. You can also customize these tacos and add various vegetables or a blend of spices for an additional taste.


1- Easy Biscuit Donuts

Easy Biscuit Donuts

If you’re a sweet enthusiast, try this mouthwatering biscuit donut. The cinnamon sugar inside it offers a warmth and sweet flavor.

Also, you need just four ingredients to craft these cute biscuit doughnuts. It’s fast and like lightning on a plate, perfect for summer mornings, picnics, or get-togethers.

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