Pakistani Doodh Patti Chai

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This recipe will teach you how to make authentic Pakistani doodh Patti, a revitalizing elixir to awaken your senses. Plus, I have introduced the cardamom (elaichi) to elevate our tea flavors. 

doodh patti

Regarding hot beverages, the Doodh Patti consistently steals the spotlight. Every Pakistani is a die-hard fan of Doodh Patti, and you will find this cherished brew in every Pakistani restaurant and dhaba. 

I’m sure it’s more than a caffeine addiction. That’s why we sip this hot beverage three time a day. After coming from the office, my husband always asks me about a cup of doodh Patti, and we enjoy this libation with biscuits or cakes. 

Doodh patti, Chai, or tea– whatever you say is a cultural drink of Pakistan and India, and people always savor it in the morning breakfast. 

In today’s recipe, I will share my way of making a Doodh Patti; it’s so much karak and instantly awakens your senses. You can also say it is a headache remedy, one of the soothing hot beverages on my list. 

What You Will Love About Doodh Patti Chai?

  • Creamy Profile: The Doodh Patti is made of milk, and I use a very limited amount of water to make it thick. The creamy profile of this recipe makes it a soul-soothing drink. 
  • A Sweet Addiction: Guys, I’m a big addict of this recipe, and none of the hot beverages can reach the level of Pakistani Chai. The smell of tea leaves and cardamom awakens your senses. 
  • Very Easy To Make: I was only 7 years old when I first made Doodh Patti for my dad, and he praised it a lot. This recipe is so much easier and requires only three to four ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen.

Difference Between Chai (Tea) & Doodh Patti?

Chai (Tea) & Doodh Patti

Chai is a traditional drink, and it’s got a rich history. The word Chai comes from an Indian word Chai means “tea”. Indian people called Chai a mix of certain spices with milk and tea leaves. But Chai (Tea) has come across many variations, and Doodh Patti is also a variant of Chai. 

In Chai, we first use boiling water and then add tea leaves, sugar, and milk. But when it comes to Doodh Patti, we don’t initially start with the water. Instead, we directly pour milk into the kettle and boil it. 

Doodh Patti is denser than ordinary Chai, and I also opt for dairy cream to make it more creamy and dense. For me, Doodh Patti is so substituted that it’s like an instant relic for discomfort. 

In India and other subcontinent, the Chai has a lot of variations, like the famous Masala chai, turmeric tea, ginger tea, and a lot more. Later, I will share the recipes for all these teas with you so you can taste each one separately. 

Ingredients Of Doodh Patti:

  • Milk: Traditionally, the Doodh Patti is made of cow or buffalo. If you don’t like dairy products, you can also opt for store-bought milk. 
  • Tea Leaves: Instead of tea packs, I prefer tea leaves. They give a denser profile to tea and enhance its colors. The famous tea brands in Pakistan are Lipton, Tapal, and Vital. You can opt for any tea brand. 
  • Cardamom: I’m using two to three cardamom to make our Doodh slightly sweet with hints of herbal and floral notes.
  • Sugar: You can use white or brown sugar based on your preference. I like to use white sugar because it’s heavenly sweet and makes Doodh parry more karak.

Let’s Start The Recipe:

  1. First, add the milk to a kettle, and boil it on a medium flame. Also, add the cardamom to infuse a sweet aroma in the milk. 
add milk
few water
  1. Add Tea Leaves: Add a small amount of water once the milk is half-boiled. You can skip the water if the milk you’re using is less creamy or less fat. I’m using full desi milk that has enough cream. That’s why I’m pouring a splash of water into it. Secondly, add the tea leaves at the same time and give it a gentle stir with a spoon to make a smooth froth. Leave it on a low flame for 1 to 2 minutes. 
add tea leaves
  1. Add Sugar: The next step is to substitute the sugar and then constantly ladle the doodh Patti to infuse the deep flavor of tea leaves. Keep the flame low and keep lading it for 1 more minute. 
add sugar
  1. Add More Milk & Cream: Now I’m adding half a cup of milk along with one tablespoon of dairy cream to make our doodh Patti more dense and creamy. This is my tip for making an authentic doodh Patti drink. After that, Cook it on a medium flame for 1 or 2 minutes, and keep ladling it for extra flavor. 
add cream

What To Serve With Doodh Patti? 

You can serve many delicious appetizers with the Doodh Patti to make your tea time more special. In Pakistan, people mostly serve cake, biscuits, tea, samosa, shami kababs, donuts, sweet cakes, macaroni, keema naan, and other such appetizers. 

How Can I Improve The Texture Of Doodh Patti?

The texture of Doodh Patti is a real game. A dull tea color shows your negligence. Sometimes, a problem with your tea leaves could make your Chai dull. 

I prefer to use an additional amount of tea leaves to make your tea vibrant. Always use tea leaves with a robust aroma. I prefer Lipton tea; it’s an international brand, and you can easily catch it from any utility store. 

Also, keep ladling the tea to infuse tea leaves’ real taste and color in the milk. Simmering the tea for a long time on a low flame is another great trick to give darker hues to our tea. 

How To Make Doodh Patti More Creamy?

In the traditional method, Doodh Patti is a rich and creamy beverage, a unique tea brewed without water. However, if using store-bought milk with low-fat content, your tea may not turn out as creamy.

Just blend one tablespoon of dairy cream in tea to give a creamy texture, and you’re good to go. Also, avoid using water in case of low milk fat to build a creamy layer on your doodh patti. 

Other Famous Pakistani Recipes

doodh patti

Pakistani Doodh Patti Chai

This recipe will teach you how to make authentic Pakistani doodh Patti, a revitalizing elixir to awaken your senses. Plus, I have introduced the cardamom (elaichi) to elevate our tea flavors. 
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Prep Time 1 minute
Cook Time 10 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine Indian, Pakistani
Servings 2


  • 2 Cup Milk (One cup for initial brew and one cup post tea leaves)
  • 2.5 tsp Tea Leaves (Adjustable)
  • 3 tsp Sugar (Adjustable)
  • 3 Cardamoms


  • Pour the milk into a kettle and boil on medium flame. Also, add 3 cardamoms in it for a sweet aroma infusion.
  • Add a bit of water (optional) after half-boiling milk. In the case of fatty or creamy milk, you can use water. But if you’re using low-fat milk, don’t add the water. I add a splash. Introduce tea leaves and stir gently for froth. Simmer on low flame for 1-2 minutes.
  • Substitute sugar and spoon the Doodh Patti for a deep tea flavor. Keep flame low, ladle for an additional minute.
  • Add half a cup of milk and a tablespoon of dairy cream to Doodh Patti for extra density and creaminess. Simmer on medium flame, ladling for added flavor. And your doodh patti is now ready to serve. 


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