Chicken Korma Vs Butter Chicken 

Is Chicken Korma better than butter chicken? I’ve got this question many times, and today, I will make it all clear for you. 

chicken korma vs butter chicken
chicken korma vs butter chicken

Last week, my husband asked me to make chicken korma, but I asked why not Butter chicken, and we debated on this for 15 minutes. Finally, I decided to make butter chicken. 

Both chicken korma and butter chicken are Indian dishes, but the first one has a milder taste and robust texture. The butter chicken has smooth, thick, creamy gravy and a subtle buttery taste. 

Also, there are some basic differences between the ingredients of both Indian cuisines; I will later share the major difference of ingredients for both. Plus, the texture, colors, and hues also differ. 

So let’s dive deeper and determine which cuisine is best: chicken korma or butter chicken.

Chicken Korma Vs Butter Chicken: Backgrounds

chicken korma recipe

Both Chicken korma and Butter chicken come from the Indian subcontinent. However, chicken korma dates back a bit; it’s a 16th-century dish and one of the Mughals’ favorite dishes. 

Butter chicken came from Delhi, India, and was first crafted by a chef at Moti Mahal Restaurants. In India, the butter chicken is named Chicken Makhani; the Makhan means “Butter”. This is a 19s dish that instantly got huge fame across the Indian subcontinent. 

I’ve also discuss about the difference between Chicken Tikka masala and Butter Chicken.

Chicken Korma Vs Butter Chicken: Difference In Taste 

best butter chicken

There is a noticeable disparity between chicken korma and butter chicken. The first is a little spicy and tangy, and the second has a buttery and creamy taste. 

Because of the tomatoes and cream, the butter chicken has a subtle and gentle taste, and the overall gravy is thicker. At the same time, Chicken Korma has a tangy and overpowering taste because of onions and garam masala. 

If you’re a fan of spicy gravies, the Chicken Korma is the right option to whip up. Otherwise, if you want a gentle and smooth taste, the butter chicken is a preferable choice. 

In butter chicken, you will get the juicer, soft and succulent chicken bites because we first marinate the chicken; that’s why I love this recipe the most. Meanwhile, in chicken korma, you directly fry the chicken with onions. 

Butter Chicken is more like a White chicken korma because of creamy texture and flavor.

Even though we used traditional Indian spices in both cuisines, there has always been a significant difference between the tastes. The appeal, taste, and color disparity are due to the yogurt, tomatoes, onions and cream. 

In the next section, I’ve mentioned the ingredients of both dishes in detail. 

Chicken Korma Vs Butter Chicken: Difference Of Ingredients 

Ingredients chicken korma
garlic butter chicken ingredients

First, both dishes are a breeze to whip up and can be ready in under 30 minutes. Plus, they share a handful of common ingredients.

The ingredient that creates a major difference is cream and butter. In Butter Chicken, we use butter, cream, and yogurt, which create a rich and smooth taste. 

Meanwhile, in chicken korma, we only use yogurt, which turns darker because of onions. Plus, in this cuisine, we also add dry fruits like almonds and cashews that give a more classic look to the recipe. 

Other items that impact the taste of chicken korma are Kewra essence and cardamoms, which are both aromatics that make the curry more flavorful. Garam masala is another profound item that creates a robust flavor and texture.

Chicken Korma Vs Butter Chicken: Different Cooking Methods

When it comes to cooking methods and time, you will find some discrepancies between them. Chicken korma takes around 35 minutes to cook, whereas butter chicken takes around 20 minutes. 

In the case of butter chicken, you have to first marinate the chicken with spices and yogurt to make the chicken juicer. And then you have to prepare the curry. I prefer to blend the sautéed onions to get the subtle consistency in the gravy. 

Meanwhile, you can skip the marination process for chicken korma. And it’s a one-pot recipe. However, I still recommend blending the sautéed onions for better gravy. 

chicken korma

The rest of the cooking methods are pretty much the same for both recipes, and you don’t need any high-level culinary skills to craft them.  

I’ve shared the detailed recipes for both of these dishes on my blog so that you can check them out here. 

Butter Chicken, Chicken Korma

Chicken Korma Vs Butter Chicken: How To Serve?

Both Chicken Korma and Butter Chicken are traditionally served with naan or Chapati. But I’ve seen many people serving Butter Chicken with white rice. So, if you’re a fan of rice, you can pair both these chicken curries with them. 

Also, in India and Pakistan, people serve mint chutney, Rita, salads, or pickles to accompany these chicken curries. 

Chicken Korma Vs Butter Chicken: Which One Is A Better Option?

It’s up to you!

You can’t ignore or dislike the taste of both these Indian dishes. Both of them have exceptional and delicious tastes. One offers a milder and tangy taste, while the other has a creamy flavor. 

Chicken Korma is more like a signature dish in India and Pakistan and is often served at wedding ceremonies, parties, and other happy moments. Everyone is aware of the umami taste of this recipe. 

But if you want to try something different, the Butter Chicken is the right option. The juicy chicken chunks and balanced flavors make this dish more authentic. Plus, this takeout is best for picnics and small gatherings. 

In a nutshell, there is a no-win-win situation for both these recipes; both hold significant importance, and both have a similar audience base. And, if you’re a fan of chicken curries, you will divinely love chicken korma and butter chicken. 

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