20 Summer Kabobs Recipes

Chicken or meat on a stick looks incredibly delicious. Especially during summer, everyone is looking for some great kabob ideas to quench their cravings for succulent and scrumptious meat. 

Finally, summer has arrived! The vibrant hues of sky and nature make everyone pleased, and if you want to please your taste buds, just load up those skewers with vibrant vegetables, chicken and beef to make kabobs. 

The delicious and smoky flavor infused in the chicken chunks gives a soothing and relaxing experience. So, whether you’re looking for chicken kabobs, veggie kabobs, or beef on a stick, I’ve shared some of the savory kabab ideas in this guide. 



These Garlic herb chicken kabobs are full of flavor and need simple marination. The garlic taste is the key ingredient that makes grilling recipes delicious. It’s a perfect option for backyard parties, and it’s also kid-friendly because of less heat. 


If you’re a vegetarian and looking for delicious vegetables with a smoky flavor, just try these grilled vegetable kabobs. A perfect BBQ dish made with seasonal and fresh vegetables requires only 15 minutes of preparation time. These kabobs are the best option for busy summer weekend nights. 


Nothing is more satisfying and juicy than these smoky chipotle barbecue lamb kabobs. The cherry tomatoes and green bell pepper between the meat bites look more vibrant. 

What makes these kabobs special is their nutritional benefits; you can get some good protein, vitamins, and zinc from lamb. The smoky garlic taste is also worth it.  

4- Traeger Kabobs 

Traeger kabobs are always easy and smoky. In this recipe, first, the pork is marinated in a teriyaki sauce and then loaded on the skewers with some seasonal vegetables. The glossy teriyaki glaze over the meat will make you drool while grilling, so bear with it until it’s under your teeth.

5- Ground Beef Kebab Recipe

I’m a big fan of ground beef because it’s juicer, more tender than meat, and requires less cooking time. And if you’re also a ground beef, these succulent ground beef kabobs are your thing. 

These kabobs are made with onions, herbs, and some staple ground spices. The finishing of olive oil makes them glazed and so glossy. You can serve these kabobs with mint chutney, ketchup, or garlic sauce. 

6- Veggie Kabobs

These vegetables on skewers look tempting and delicious.  No marination, no sauce preparation or hidden steps; just place the vegetables on skewers, drizzle olive oil, toss some basic spices, and bake. And you will get crunchy and delicious vegetables in just 30 minutes. 

7- Romanian Chicken Kebabs

These Romanian chicken kabobs are versatile and the best summer day companion. You can add different vegetables between the chicken bites to make them look vibrant and to get a real tropical vibe. 

First, chicken is marinated in spices and lemon juice, which helps the chicken to become juicy and succulent. You can also add a dash of yogurt to make the chicken tender and juicy. 

8- Peruvian Style Oven Chicken Kabob

If you want to try the gluten-free chicken kabobs, these Peruvian-style oven chicken kabobs are the best bet. They are low carbs and keto-friendly, perfect for all seasons. First, sear the chicken on the grill to create a nice grilling texture and smoky flavor, and then add these kabobs to the oven to make them juicy. 

Thankfully, these Peruvian-style chicken kabobs require minimal ingredients like lemon, olive oil and Peruvian spice blend. For this recipe, you need only 5 minutes of preparation time to get things ready. 



None of the kabob recipes are more appealing than this chicken and sausage gumbo skewer. Made with onion, bell peppers, celery, okra, and tomatoes.

The Cajun-inspired marinade imparts impressive flavours and wins everyone’s hearts with an impressive flavor. If you want to impress your guests and wow them, I suggest you whip up these kabobs. 

10-  Chinese Chicken on a Stick

This Chinese chicken on a sick is another best kabob to try this summer. The Teriyaki-esque glaze makes it look mouthwatering.

These kabobs feature a well-balanced taste; you will experience many different flavors in on-bites. This recipe is straightforward and requires only 30 minutes of marination time. 

11- Greek Chicken Kabobs

Greek Chicken Kabobs

The yogurt-marinated Greek Chicken kabobs boast a light texture and more tender chicken bites. If you’re searching for a high-protein kabobs recipe, just stop here and whip up these Greek chicken kabobs. The yogurt and olive oil-infused chicken chunks are a good source of protein. 

These Green chicken kabobs have an incredible smoky flavor that feels even more hearty with garlic sauce. Squeeze lemon on chicken bites, dip in garlic sauce, pop in your mouth, and feel like heaven on your tongue.



Last week, I made this delicious South African society recipe and got huge complaints. This is a traditional recipe of lamb meat on skewers, marinated in apricot jam, turmeric powder, white wine vinegar, and salt.

You need fewer ingredients for these kebabs, but the marination time is approximately 4 hours.

13- Chicken Yakitori Recipe

Chicken Yakitori Recipe

You’ll love this Chicken Yakitori recipe marinated in delicious homemade yakitori sauce. This famous Japanese cuisine is made with bite-sized chicken pieces grilled over a charcoal fire. You can use any part of the thickener for this recipe, like bread, wings, tings, or liver.  

14- Chicken Malai Kabab

Chicken Malai Kabab

If you’re searching for Creamy kebabs, these Chicken Malai Kabobs are an ideal option for summer days. These kabobs’ smooth and creamy texture will turn you into a fan. This is an Indian cuisine also named Chicken Malai Tikka, which is often marinated with yogurt, heavy cream, and some basic spices. 

Chicken Malai Kabobs are perfect for those who want less heat or spicy flavors. 

15- Mediterranean Chicken Kabobs

Mediterranean Chicken Kabobs

If you go out for a picnic or invite your buddies for an evening summer party, these Mediterranean Chicken Kabobs are the best way to satisfy your guests. It requires only 10 minutes of preparation and comes under 50 minutes. In parallel, these kabobs’ smoky, savory, tangy, and zesty flavors give a comfortable experience. 

16- Pineapple Chicken Kabob

The glossy and glaze texture of these Pineapple Chicken kabobs will make your guests drool. The caramelized bites of chicken and pineapple combined with bell pepper and red onion give a next-level flavour.

Serve these glossy chicken kabobs with fluffy rice, and pair them with salads or any cold drink to beat the heat in summer.



Loaded with lean protein, sweet pineapples, and crunchy seasonal veggies, these pork kabobs give a heavenly appeal, and the taste is insane! Glazed with delicious sweet and sour sauce, these pork kabobs are perfect for a summertime dinner or evening party. 

18- Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken Skewers

If you’re looking for easy-to-make and budget-friendly kabobs, try these Hawaiian Teriyaki chicken skewers, perfect for delighting your whole family. Marinated in Teriyaki sauce, say sauce, apple cider vinegar for a zesty and tart flavor. It is a perfect option for picnics, gatherings, and family time. 

19- Shami Kababs

shami kababs

Not a fan of grilling? Don’t you like baking? Try these Shami kababs!

The Shami kebab is the ultimate side dish with split chickpeas (Chana dal) and juicy, tender chicken pieces. These dark golden patties pair with mint chutney or ketchup, giving you a more flavorful experience. 

20- Chapli Kababs 

pakistani chapli kabab

This Chapli kabab is authentic Pakistani cuisine crafted from ground beef. It’s incredibly spicy, juicy, soft, tender, spongy, and succulent enough to make you a fan. If cooked properly, they melt in a month, giving you a next-level experience of tenderness. 

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